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Project WS138 in Stuttgart

Project duration

2022 - 2025

Project type


Living space




Project WS138 in Stuttgart

The construction project WS138 in Stuttgart involves the conversion of a school building into a residential building. Approximately 990 m² of living space will be realized across 13 residential units, spanning three existing floors and a newly developed attic. The focus lies on minimizing interventions in the existing structure while creating economically viable living spaces with quality living environments.

Unique project highlights

  • Close coordination in terms of scheduling with the neighboring construction project is necessary, as joint use of the construction site facilities is planned
  • When building within existing structures, unforeseeable obstacles may arise during the project, such as unexpected building materials, unknown structural conditions, etc. Developing new solutions may have scheduling implications

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Living space


Residential units

What Herkommer Architects value about lcmd in particular:

Scheduling and process planning

  • Clear depiction of multiple different plans on the timeline
  • Drag-and-drop for quick and intuitive planning
  • Early detection of conflicts and potential impacts on the construction process

CEO - Herkommer Architects

Simon Tappe

With operational features such as „Drag and Drop“, lcmd is intuitive to use and easy to learn. The schedule can be created quickly, providing an overview of the project schedule at an early stage.

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